Where is the festival being held and what are the times?
The festival is being held in QE2 Square which is right in the centre of Albury’s CBD. Entry will be via Dean Street only with gates opening at 1:00pm and closing at 8:00pm.

Are children allowed?
Yes, children are welcome. We will have a few activities to keep them occupied.

What about pets?
We love animals but NOT at this gig

What if it’s going to rain on the day?
Adjoining QE2 Square is the Albury Convention Centre together with the Albury Performing Arts Centre. We’ve booked them both just in case.

Can I bring my own food or drink?
Sorry, but no you can’t. This is a fully catered for event and we’ve arranged for a range of gourmet food suppliers that will also cater to special dietary needs. Free water is also available at the fest.

Can I bring my own seating or picnic rug?
Make yourself comfortable! You’re most welcome to bring along picnic rugs and folding deck chairs. Please be wary of placement though and settle in away from crowded routes… we want everyone to be able to move freely and taste any beer they fancy.

Will tickets be sold at the gate?
If tickets are sold out in advance, no tickets will be available at the gate, but if available will be more expensive than pre-purchased tickets.

I don’t like beer, will there be anything else for me to drink?
We have plenty of options including a range of ciders and a selection of wines. For non-drinkers we have a range of soft drinks and free water available.

How will beers be served?
Beers will be served in either 100 or 200ml tasting in our GABF souvenir polycarbonate tasting glass.

Why are the tastings only 100 or 200mls?
GABF Albury is a beer tasting and appreciation event. It’s designed so that you may explore the many styles and varieties available.

 How do I buy tastings?
We’re using a fairly common tasting tokens system as it helps things run more smoothly on the day. Tokens are used when making ALL purchases on the day and cost $2 each. You can either include them when you pre-purchase your entry ticket (saves time lining up on the day) or buy them on the day from a central point within the fest.

How much does each tasting cost?
Each tasting of beer or cider will cost 1 token, though some speciality brews may be more expensive, check with the individual brewers before making your purchase. Beer is at or just below normal bar prices.

Why do some beers cost more than others?
Part of what makes GABF special is the incredible range of beers we offer. The number of tokens a beer costs is based primarily on the alcohol content and cost to produce. Some of them may have a very high content while others your standard medium-priced craft beer. Where else can you sample such a broad range of brews for a couple of bucks

When do the taps shut down?
All good things must come to end. Drinks will be served up until 8pm. Token sales will stop at 7.45pm.

 Will there be food on-site?
Yes, there will be a variety of food vendors located around the site. Outside food will not be allowed.

Is smoking allowed?
Yes. There will be a designated area for smokers.

There is lots of parking around QE2 Square. Please note that the entry to the festival will be via Dean Street only.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
You can find our email here.

What accommodation is available in Albury?
There is a large selection of accommodation options in Albury however we can’t go past the Atura Albury. Located just a short stroll and in the same street as the festival. Go here for more details