GABF Albury Survival Guide

Posted October 15, 2019


NEWSLFLASH  GABF Albury is a CASHLESS EVENT!   We are using the Square Cashless System where ALL purchases are made with your Debit, Credit or EFTPOS card.

This Saturday’s GABF in Albury will be the biggest beer garden many of you have ever walked into. The whole day is a grand social outing and opportunity to meet and mingle with brewers, hang out with friends, make new ones, and generally explore some truly great brews.

We’ve lined up heaps of great breweries and also a super line-up of live music, comedy, roving performers, great food and games for you to indulge throughout the day. It’s going to be a ripping day!

He’s a few tips to ensure you get the very best experience from the day:


DRESS APPROPRIATELY – prepare for a lovely spring day with the forecast around 17 – 20 degrees.  Check on the morning but we’re thinking light apparel, comfy shoes, hat, sunnies and something a tad warmer especially as the day plays out.

TRANSPORT –Plan your arrival and most importantly how you’re getting home. The entry into the festival is from Dean Street.

LOST TICKETS – It does and can happen. Go to

EAT – Have a light meal before you come so you don’t feel the effects early on. There are superb gourmet food vendors on site that will ensure you have plenty to choose from during the day.

NOTE:  There’s no BYO food – water is permitted but bottles are to be sealed / unopened.

COMFORT – QEII Square has heaps of grassed areas and we encourage patrons to bring along a picnic rug and even a fold up chair if they wish.

DURING THE FEST – see site map (here)

We’re telling you again as it’s important. GABF is a cashless event with all purchases made using your debit, credit or eftpos cards.  You will be able to purchase 80ml tastings or by the glass which this year has been increased to 285ml. Brewers will each have a price list displayed and expect to pay $2 per 80ml and $6 per glass.

FREE MASTERCLASSES – These sessions start run from 1:30 and are very popular. Good idea to check what’s on early and identify the classes you’d like to attend. Make sure you arrive at door early as First in, First served at these sessions.


We told you to stock your stomach up with food (and to continue that practice throughout your fest day). The same goes for water. Beer dries your body out. There will be free water stations around the fest site.

PASSOUTS – from the festival are permitted and there is also an exit gate at Swift Street that may be used to leave the festival only.


You’ll see way more beers than you can possibly taste and have the opportunity to try a stack of newbies. Tip: start on the lighter ales and work your way through. Pace yourself, this is a marathon not a sprint and you’ve got 7 full hours to drink your way around the festival!


GABF isn’t a snobbish affair, but it’s also not a place people go just to get plastered. Brew masters spend their lives making beer, and they’re excited to share it with the masses. In fact, most brewers will love to chit-chat with patrons about the process and how they came up with their styles and tastes. If your goal is to down as many beers as you can, as fast as you can, you’re missing out on a huge part of the beer fest culture. Learn about the beer, the beer makers and take a moment to appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity.


Don’t push, don’t take pictures of people without their permission, know your limits, and take care of yourself and your friends to help ensure everyone has an excellent time. #BeerLove

Your final tip: have fun and be safe.  No one comes to a beer fest to have a bad time. That fact alone, makes it pretty darn easy to enjoy yourself at GABF.